Moving to Florida? During the summer? Are you crazy?

Those were the typical responses Kari heard from family members when she announced she was moving from her home state of Texas to Florida seven months pregnant! Most thought she would be back in about year. But Kari saw the endless opportunities for a great future awaiting her in the Northeast Florida. So she left her stable job and the stability of family and friends for the promise of Jacksonville.

A Bold New Future

It was a bold move indeed, but Kari has always embraced challenges. She followed her heart and came here because she saw the potential for a great future in Jacksonville. The benefits have been endless year-round sunshine, beautiful natural scenery, plenty of championship golf courses and a friendly community. We felt at home immediately, said Kari adding, The Jacksonville experience has been a blessing for me.

Future Inspiration

The same family members who wondered why Kari would want to move to Jacksonville now are ready to join her. This dynamic agent is always trying to share her love and appreciation for this beautiful area. There's something about the ocean breezes that inspires greatness. She sees it everywhere around her, particularly in her three children from a toddler to a teen. It is through her proficient organizational skills, that she is able to handle numerous multifaceted operations while still keeping in close contact with her clients making the entire process of selling a home run smoother and more efficiently.

Endless Possibilities for a Bright Future

When Kari moved here she knew Jacksonville was a land of endless possibilities for a great future. She took advantage of her opportunities here and is reaping the benefits. That's why, as one of the areas leading real estate agents, its fitting she is helping others take advantage of their own opportunities for a successful home purchase or sale.

Making the Connection

Despite the high degree of efficiency with which she runs her business, and all the technological advances at her disposal, she remains always aware that she is dealing with people who have dreams, concerns, emotions and important decisions to make about one of their most important investments. "I'm always sensitive to what people are going through when they are buying or selling a home," Kari says. "I've moved into seven houses in two countries, three cities and three states in fifteen years I know moving!"

Covering your Future

Its her passion for the Jacksonville lifestyle, combined with her extensive knowledge of the area and unmatched expertise of the market that make her the ideal professional to help you achieve your real estate goals. When you are in the market to buy or sell a home in Northeast Florida, turn to the agent who is Covering your Future. That's Kari Jelsma. Call her today!


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